Visual Communication of Information through Fine Art and Illustration



  • Scientific illustrator with strong focus on anatomical accuracy, biological terminology, and media selection
  • 25 years’ experience in illustration and visual science communication
  • Proficient in multiple media:digital art, pen and ink, acrylics, watercolors, gouache, graphite,and more
  • Strong presentation and project management skills
  • Ability to collaborate with clients and bring complex ideas to life


Certificate in Scientific Illustration – 2017–2019
Scientific Illustration Distance Learning Program, instructor Gretchen Halpert

National Geographic – Spring 2019
Educator Certification

George Mason University • Fairfax, VA – 2003 –2007
Bachelor of Individualized Studies in Multimedia Storytelling

Prince George’s Community College • Largo, MD – 1991 –1993
Associate of Arts in Fine Art


March Mammal Madness • Art Director- 2015–Present

  • Annual online educational experienceaimed at K-12 and university students,with focus on scientific outreach and performance science
  • Create, delegate, and supervise work to illustrate wide range species under short deadlines
  • Vet delegated art for scientific accuracy, and provide guidance and mentorship to fellow illustrators

John Day Fossil Beds National Monument • Artist-in-Residence – Sept 2019

  • On-site residency at the Thomas Condon Paleontology Center
  • Created three unique works of art to visually connect the current landscape to the extinct fauna endemic to the area
  • Open studio environment, including interactive sessions with educational experience groups and tours

Kei’Phavian • Sequential Art / Graphic Novel – 2015–Present

  • An original serialized sequential art project concerning birds as the keepers and curators of human-created stories
  • Project manage and execute full design process, original concept and storyline, illustration, writing, and publication process
  • Offered free to the publicon an ongoing monthly basis

The Dinosaur Journeys • Odd Angel Studios, LLC 2014 –2016

  • Multi-media exploration of what makes vertebrate paleontology relevant to both the layperson and to adults whose childhood fascinationwith dinosaurs never left them
  • Project combined site photography, scientific illustration, and storytelling
  • Produced in collaboration with TheBlackHills Institute of Geologic Research


Illustrator, Visual Science Communicator, Owner • Odd Angel Studios, LLC – 1995 –Present

  • Creatingcustom illustration work in traditional and digital formats to meet specific client needs
  • Emphasis on effective communication and guiding clients through the process of translating a foundational idea into design
  • Ability to collaborate directly and via technology

Scientific Illustrator and Visual Science Communicator • Raymond M. Alf Museum of Paleontology – 2018–2019

  • Internship focused on creating scientific illustrations for use as figures in research papers, museum signage, and public outreach and education materials
  • Created life restorations of extinct Miocene-era mammals based on work with fossil remains, collated data, and correspondence with subject-matter experts
  • Emphasis on accuracy, attention to detail, appropriate media choice, and understanding of anatomy and biological terminology
Illustrator and Tattoo Artist • The Body Gallery 2 – 1995–Present
  • Create custom designs on various media and on skin for clients bringing their foundation idea•Specialize in science and nature themed tattooing
  • Emphasis on customer service, customer relationships, communication, and understanding of aesthetics
  • Focus on drawing from ritual history of the art form to create meaningful and unique client experiences
Variety Arts Performer • Odd Angel Studios, LLC 2001 –Present
  • Semi-retired variety arts performer with two decades of fair and festival experience
  • Emphasis on consistency through long hours of intense physicallabor and audience interaction
  • Work featured in Shocked & Amazed! Magazine, andAmelia Klem Osterud’s book “The Tattooed Lady: A History”



  • Accomplished in rendering with pen and ink, graphite, scratchboard, colored pencil, gouache, watercolors, acrylics, and digital media.
  • Experienced in planning and executing large-scale murals and sequential art.


  • Highly experienced in interactive presentations to audiences of all sizes, in a variety of venues (museums, universities, lecture halls, outdoor festivals).
  • Equally comfortable with personally created or prepared/provided material.


  • WordPress, various social media platforms, Mac-based applications and software, Procreate.


  • Peer-reviewed journals, compositional work, creative fiction, presentations, and scripts.


  • Curry, D. and Farke, A. “Variation and ontogenetic change in the humerus of Triceratops (Dinosauria: Ceratopsia).” PaleoBio 36, Supplement 1:113-114. 2019, in press.
  • Hawley, Anna. “Leopold Foundation Partners on Mammal Madness.” The Leopold Outlook: A publication of the Aldo Leopold Foundation, Spring 2017, Volume 17, Issue 1.28.


  • Guild of Natural Science Illustrators (since 2015)
  • Society of Vertebrate Paleontology (since 2019)

Partial Client List

  • John Day Fossil Beds National Monument
  • Hagerman Fossil Beds National Monument
  • Mount Rainier National Park
  • Raymond M. Alf Museum of Paleontology
  • Museum of Comparative Zoology, Harvard
  • Zanzibar Red Colobus Project